A downloadable game for Windows

Crunch Time(GameMakerPro 8/Photoshop Elements 10.)

You have 48 hours to make a game. You must place offices and facilities and hire employees to produce your game.

Use the menu at the bottom to place the various rooms.Create cubicles, small and large offices to give your employees a place to work.The larger the working space, the higher the workers’ happiness and production.Place a receptionist’s desk and hire a receptionist to increases happiness by a large static amount.

Add break-rooms to improve overall employee happiness but reduce productivity.Placing a server room and meeting rooms will improve overall productivity but reduce happiness.OSHA dictates employees have bathrooms, and one bathroom is required per 10 employees lest their unhappiness rises.

An employee’s cost-per-hour is based on their talent with a minor random price variance.Each employee has a specific level of talent, and their talent is factored by their happiness to get their production-per-hour.Employees are paid their cost every hour, and you can refresh your pool of hirable candidates for a fee that increases with each refresh.

Each game has a production bar that is required to be filled before the end of the 48 hours.Programmers and Artists must contribute the majority of production towards the game, and while Game Testers and Marketers contribute less, they are still vital to completion.

If you complete the game by the end of the 48 hour time period, you get paid a flat fee. You can use this money to expand your production facilities for the next game.If your production has gone over the production bar, you gain extra money.After a game is successfully sold to the publisher, you continue to gain a small percentage in royalties.If you have reached 100% production, you can choose to publish the game without having to wait the full 48 hours.

If a game is not successfully made before the end of the 48 hours, you lose all production on that game.

If you run out of money at any point in t he 48 hours you lose .Don’t do this

Install instructions

1.Open the zip file, make sure the folder named "res" is in the same folder as seriousbusiness.exe.

2. Run it, have fun maybe.


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